With so many games and toys at our children’s disposal today from the real kind to the digital variety, simple fun with a few dice can sometimes blow them away, creating fabulous memories at the same time. In fact, if you introduce games such as the ones I describe below, your children will see you as a source of magic, wonder and surprise.

Dice Games

Chance (5 – 10 minutes):

You will need one dice, paper and a pen for keeping score. Decide on a target – 100, 200 etc. The first player to hit the target wins, but there is a twist that comes with taking a chance. In your turn roll the single dice. You can roll again and again, adding the numbers as you go. You decide when to stop rolling, but beware, if you throw a 1 you lose your score and receive a zero. Write down each player’s score in their turn and keep a running total so that you know when a player has won because they have hit the target.

Ring the number (10 – 20 minutes):

You will need three dice. Can be played individually or with others. Each player writes down the numbers 1 – 18 in a line on a piece of paper. The object is to be the first to ring or cross out each number on your list. You do this by throwing all three dice in your turn. You can cross off the numbers on your list that appear on your dice, or you can combine numbers using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. For younger children stick with the first two.
Eg. You throw a 2, 5 and 6. You could circle the 2, 5 and 6 on your list, or you could add the 5 and 6 and circle the 11 and circle the 2, or circle the 5 and add the 6 and 2 to make 8. Or, add all three numbers together and circle the 13. The only rule is that each dice can only be used once in each turn.

Beetle Game (10 – 20 minutes):

Every player needs a pencil and piece of paper. The group needs a single dice. As the dice is thrown, different parts of the beetle are drawn. The first player to complete his beetle wins the game. In order to start drawing each player must throw a six for the body. If they do not throw a six, the dice moves on to the next player. Thereafter, the following code applies:
1 = head
2 = eyes (there are two so this number must be thrown twice)
3 = feelers (as above because there are two)
4 = mouth
5 = legs (there are six so this number must be thrown six times)
6 = body

Dice games are a great way to connect whether you are at home, or sitting waiting for your food to arrive in a restaurant. You can create a bit of simple, high-impact fun wherever you are. Now go and scrummage around and find some dice!