Using TV to strengthen your child’s short term memory

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Every child has a favourite television programme. Create an active viewer rather than a passive viewer by testing their recall. This is a fabulous way to build comprehension skills too. You can play this game from four years upwards.

  • Start by watching one of your child’s favourite programmes
  • Switch off the TV at the end of the programme
  • Tell your child you are going to play the Let’s Remember Game
  • Start with really simple questions such as:
    • What was the child’s name?
    • What colour was the dog?
    • What colour car did the dad drive?
    • Was the boy happy or sad?
    • What happened in today’s episode?
  • You can ask your child to ask you what you remember. You could even get it slightly wrong on purpose and see if they pick up your mistake and correct you. You can respond with, “Oh, I’m so silly and you’re so clever to remember!”

Comprehension and memory skills are vital in an era of information overload where children will be faced with more and more information whenever they do a search for anything once they are doing research for tasks and projects.

If you want to ensure that your child is not just vegging and going brain dead in front of television, play the Let’s Remember Game on a regular basis and stretch their short-term memory. Keep in mind that the brain is a muscle and the more it is exercised, the sharper it gets.


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