What is your Seriti? Isn’t this a beautiful word? A melodic word? It’s the Sotho word for a concept that is really interesting, and not the easiest to define (there is not much information available on it).

The direct translation from Sotho to English is somewhere between dignity and integrity.  It refers to the shadow that you cast – not the same as the shadow cast by an object such as a building or a tree, or even your physical body, known as Meriti. Rather, it is the impact of YOU, of your life, on others, and the world around you.  It has nothing to do with your ego, either. It is the legacy you leave behind wherever you may walk, wherever you have been present.

Seriti is a bit like personal branding but not really, it’s so much more. Personal branding, in a nutshell, would be the answer to this question: when you leave a room what three words would people use to describe you? Seriti is deeper. It is the consequence of each and every choice you make and how you live your life, impacting on others.

We cast our shadows on all of those around us – at home and at work.  To know your Seriti you need to be true to yourself, to be the real you, not your ego. It can be intentional, but it must also be authentic. And, it’s a journey – your life’s journey. Carving out your life’s purpose, a commitment to growing and, all the while, being shaped by life as you go. Perhaps think of it as the shape of the energy you leave behind, your aura, or even the perfume of your presence.

Whether you are a business woman, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a nurse, doctor, engineer, parent, or anything else you can think of (isn’t it amazing how we define ourselves by the work/job that we do?) my Women’s Day wish for you is that you start to become aware of your beautiful Seriti. It’s so much more than what you do, it’s about how you show up in the world.

What is your Seriti? Celebrate your uniqueness, cast your shadow and let your Seriti dance together with others to weave the fabric of your legacy.

Wishing you a very happy Women’s Day.

Much love