What the BEEPP?

Nikki Bush’s BEEPP Checklist

What the BEEPP

In an increasingly digital world, screens are finding their way into ever younger hands with babies of just a few months old being handed smart phones to play with by their parents, or even to pacify them. Toddlers can be found in the company of their parents in public with their eyes glued to a screen or device, primary school children are at risk of developing Triple S Syndrome.

This talk looks at how overuse of screens can become toxic to the development of children in their formative years – a critical period that lays important foundations for a child’s future. It highlights some of the tech traps parents need to avoid by working through Nikki Bush’s BEEPP Checklist.

Some of the areas covered in this presentation include:

  • Why movement over being sedentary must be encouraged. The body is the architect of the brain.
  • How exploration beyond a screen helps a child create true understanding and meaning about their world.
  • Why it’s essential to provide experiences that exercise your little one’s visual system.
  • The important difference between knowing how to do things on a screen and knowing how to do things in the real world.
  • Why dealing with emotions and falling asleep without the aid of a screen are such vital life skills.
  • How avoiding the temptation of the distractions of screens will help your child develop their ability to concentrate and pay attention at will.

Depending on the size of the audience and the set-up of the room, practical play-based processes can be included in this presentation.

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