Nikki Bush chats with Joni Peddie, behavioural strategist and founder of Resilient People about our deep need for sleep, Coronasomnia and why we can’t catch up our lost sleep from the week on the weekend. Joni walks her talk and after years of thinking she could get by on four hours sleep a night, she has changed her tune and now counsels her clients against falling into sleep debt. Joni is a professional speaker, executive coach, strategic facilitator and is on the faculty of GIBS. Find her at or visit

The conversation covers THESE QUESTIONS:

  • What is sleep debt?
  • How much sleep do we really need?
  • Is ‘coronasomnia’ a real thing?
  • What is good sleep hygiene?
  • The connection between sleep and Alzheimer’s pathology
  • Sleep, memory and learning
  • The value of blue blocker glasses