teambuildingCorporate motivational speaker, Nikki Bush, explains that it’s important to get employees, managers and corporate leaders out of their heads from time-to-time to foster more engagement, communication, collaboration, co-operation and creativity. All these things are important if you want to refresh and revive your team, leaving them motivated and inspired for the final quarter of the year, which always builds up to a high pressure crescendo.

Nikki Bush offers corporate team building with a difference. She understands human nature and the need to play, regardless of age, and presents corporate teams with the opportunity to level the playing fields, break down barriers and really relate to each other as people.

Nikki Bush is a Talent Whisperer and with her background as a parenting expert and motivational speaker, she is able to teach business managers how to ‘parent’ their teams better too, resulting in personal and professional growth and development and deeper and more meaningful relationships. By encouraging delegates to risk through play, Nikki gets ‘corporate animals’ to put their to-do lists and stresses aside for just a few hours, learning how to be fully present with each other.

What is the outcome of such a workshop? A team that works well together recognises how to maximise their strengths and minimise their weaknesses for the good of the team, the project or goal at hand.

Benefits of play for corporate team building:

  • Through the medium of play, fun games and activities help to break down the barriers between management and employees and between members of a team.
  • Team members get to know one another better because despite the fact that you may share the same office, it doesn’t mean you ‘get each other’.
  • Hearts and minds shift through play enabling people to see situations and each other from a different perspective.
  • People rediscover themselves as multi-dimensional human beings and not just goal-oriented human doings.
  • Levels of trust and engagement rise which leads to higher levels of performance and productivity.

How can you experience Nikki’s unique brand of team building? Book your team a “Get Outta Your Head” workshop.

Learn more about Nikki’s “Get Outta Your Head” workshop

“Get Outta Your Head” is corporate team building workshop presented by Nikki Bush. The workshop incorporates a combination of interesting fun games and processes with facilitated discussion in-between, designed to get team members out of their own heads and fully involved and participating in the experience. Watch as your company employees sit on the edge of their seats, so entertained and entranced by the play process that they lose track of time.

Fun and laughter is guaranteed as team members to get to know each other better, and appreciate each other more, through the process work. To learn more about the “Get Outta Your Head” workshop and to book Nikki Bush to present it, contact us today.