DSC_0410 Book a team building workshop for teachers with inspirational speaker, Nikki Bush, to motivate your staff. Teachers need to pull together as a team to achieve their common goal of raising tomorrow’s leaders today. This means co-operating, communicating, putting individual differences aside and breaking down barriers. This is as important in a school setting as it is in any other environment.

Below are some of the benefits of incorporating regular team building workshops or activities for staff at schools:

  • Teachers will leave feeling empowered, motivated and with a higher self-esteem.
  • Collaboration and open communication will be fostered between team members as a result of connecting through unusual and fun activities
  • Teachers will discover more about each other in a more relaxed environment.
  • By discovering more about each other’s interests and strengths, they can be better utilised in everyday education scenarios at school, improving team performance.
  • Team members who know what their strengths and weaknesses are, aren’t afraid to turn to other team members for the assistance and guidance they require.
  • New strategies and techniques for dealing with stress will leave teachers feeling better able to cope.

Book teambuilding workshops for school staff hosted by Nikki Bush

If you are interested in boosting morale and helping your school staff to work better as a team, book a team building workshop with inspirational speaker, Nikki Bush. A playful, interactive experience with loads of laughter and learning is guaranteed. Alternatively, to learn more about the workshops on offer, contact Nikki today. Listen to this testimonial by a teacher who attended the workshop.