I really do believe that human beings are hardwired to create order out of chaos. This should be a reassuring thought for you as we move through the disruption of the global coronavirus pandemic.

We create meaning and magic out of the randomness of all things. We pull things apart and put them together. This is the skill of analysis and synthesis and we have been honing it since we were babies; trying to make sense of the world and figuring out what control we have over our environment.

  • Think of how we are bombarded by so much sensory stimulation through our various senses, and how our brilliant brains process it and make sense of it all.
  • Think of how thoughts pass through our minds randomly, until we pick a few that mean something to us and start organising them.
  • Think of how a child’s random scribbles eventually become letters. And those letters become words. Words become sentences, which turn into paragraphs.
  • Think of how random numbers become part of sums, which produce answers or solutions. Algorithms create order out of chaos (think Google and Netflix).

Now for something more concrete:

  • A pile of disorganised, unfiled papers that can be transformed into an organised, structured system that is useful and has meaning. Or cleaning up your clutter on your computer or your email system so that you can find things (an eternal issue for me).
  • A random pile of building blocks can be put together to be turned into a house, a boat or a vehicle. Don’t you love watching kids do this?
  • A ball of wool and a pair of knitting needles creates a warm scarf where there wasn’t one before.

A team gets together to create a strategy out of multiple different thoughts, ideas and contributions


As we get older, we become more intentional about analysing parts of things and bits of information, and deciding how we are going to put them together to streamline processes, create new products, build a business, create a cure for a disease, develop more workable relationships, and so much more.

Some of us have the gift of logic, and will create systems and processes as we create order out of chaos, while others have the gift of creativity and will find a way to put things together in ways never done or seen before; thinking outside the box.


No matter what kind of thinker you are, you have your own unique way of making sense of the randomness of the world around you. You are driven to create order out of the daily chaos that surrounds you. This is part of the gift of being human. Acknowledge it. Celebrate it. And may it bring you comfort in these strange times.

I hope this message has helped you to appreciate the brilliance of your humanity and reassured you that you are hardwired to manage change and disruption because you are built to create order out of chaos.


Think about a team in the business or work environment:

  • Random people are brought together to form a team with a common focus: to solve a problem or reach a target.
  • A business challenge or problem is the chaos, and the solution brings order to the situation.
  • A business strategy creates order out of random thoughts and ideas and gives them direction and a common focus.
    • When I help a team put a strategy together, what I am really doing is providing a framework and facilitating the group to create order out of random thoughts and give them direction.
  • What about when you take on a new job? Everything feels chaotic at first as you settle in and learn the ropes, but gradually you work it out, and you bring order to the chaos that had you feeling slightly incompetent and unconfident for a while.
  • The global pandemic created chaos by turning our lives upside down. However, 18 months on, we have found ways to start creating order out of chaos and are feeling a bit more in control (the work from home scenario is a case in point) we are getting better at it.
  • Helping others is a noble act as long as we empower them to create order out of their own chaos, instead of rescuing them.


Our personal lives are filled with many moments of chaos to which we bring order:

  • Think of our romantic feelings for someone that then develop into a more formal and ordered relationship.
  • When you become parents, your whole life is turned upside down and gradually you develop a routine for you and your newborn that helps you to cope and provides predictability, order and sanity.
  • Boundaries in relationships, as they relate to adults or children, help maintain some form of order.
  • When you are in the kitchen, you create order out of a set of ingredients by following a recipe and turning them into a delicious dish. Even the simple act of making a sandwich is an example of creating order out of chaos. Disruption is like a Masterchef Mystery Box Challenge.
  • Children learning to walk and talk brings order to body movements and a sense of greater control.
  • Doing sporting or cultural activities in teams creates order out of chaos as each person learns their role and everyone comes together to form a cohesive team pursuing a common goal.

As a business and motivational speaker, I help leadership and teams to raise human potential at work and at home through my business talks and workshops, which are customised for every audience.

The Success Cube™ framework I use is particularly helpful for creating order out of chaos, and providing direction for a Success Journey of any kind, for both teams and individuals in a three-dimensional way. Useful for group coaching and individual coaching.

Much love,
Nikki Bush
Human Potential and Parenting Expert helping you to win at work and life

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