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Divorce is common, but does it always have to be so destructive and messy? If you are thinking about getting divorced and want to go about it constructively so that both parties and the children win, then don’t miss this webinar in which Nikki Bush, Human Potential and Parenting Expert will discuss the benefits of taking a conscious approach to divorce and using a mediator instead of a lawyer. Joining her will be Leah Sefor, a well-known and respected Life and Relationships coach with a special interest in empowered divorce, together with Family Lawyer and Divorce Mediator, Rudi Kruger.

Divorce handled well can be a mutually respectful and beneficial process. You can choose a new path, your own path, that consciously honours the connections between ex-spouses and their children that has nothing to do with the marriage. If you both want to avoid the massacre of a divorce with its attendant collateral damage, this two-hour, high energy session will change the way you see divorce by introducing you to:


  • How to work together to find a new way forward
  • How to avoid destruction, undermining each other and revenge
  • Transforming potential devastation into empowerment
  • Turning divorce into an awakening and a rebirth of something new – for everyone
  • Conscious communication – not using your words as weapons
  • Avoiding manipulating the children
  • Talking to children about divorce
  • Keeping agreements
  • Reframing your roles in the new set up
  • How to co-parent and support your children during the process
  • The difference between mediation and a lawyer (do you need both?)
  • How long does mediation take and what’s involved?
  • If it’s contested and goes to court, what does that process look like?
  • Custody & Maintenance issues
  • Costs associated with divorce
  • The easiest and most workable way to divorce?

Meet the presenters:

Nikki Bush
Human Potential and Parenting Expert

Nikki Bush empowers individuals, families and teams in business and education to win at work, home and life. She has the knack of putting difficult, complex and sensitive topics on the table (ones we often prefer to avoid), and making them accessible, such as disruption, death, loss, team dynamics, personal leadership, parenting, sexuality education, tech and your kids and so much more.

Nikki has written four best-selling parenting books with major publishers, including her latest, Future-proof Your Child for the 2020s and Beyond (Penguin Random House), and she has fielded over 2 500 media interviews in the past 12 years. You may have seen or heard her on her weekly slots on Radio 702 and SABC3’s Expresso among many others.

Nikki always speaks with passion, packs a powerful sound bite, provides valuable insights and will leave you with practical solutions to help you win at work and life. She is a firm believer in self-leadership and taking responsibility for your role in any relationship.

Leah Sefor
Life, Relationship and Divorce Coach

Leah Sefor is South Africa’s go-to life and relationships expert. She is well known for being a straight-talking, take-no-prisoners life coach whose work is all about ‘what it means to be real’. Leah has worked with individuals, couples and organisations in over 10 countries for more than 25 years as a relationships and communications specialist.

Leah is one of the most booked personal coaches in South Africa, appearing regularly on Real Health, a lifestyle show on DStv as well as being a guest expert on the Re-Invent podcasts. Leah is a regular contributor for online and print media including: YOU, Destiny & W24. Leah made a guest appearance on M-Net’s season 2 of ‘The Bachelor SA’ as a communications coach and on ‘The Single Wives SA’ (currently airing on M-Net) a relationship & divorce expert.

Leah has a large social media following with thousands of post and video views every week. She writes her own blog, is the creator of a video series called ‘Real Talk’ and is the author of The Freedom Factor – a book on boundaries.


Rudi Kruger
Lawyer and Divorce Mediator

Rudi Kruger is an attorney with nine years of experience in family litigation, dealing predominantly with divorces, maintenance, and matters relating to the care and contact of minor children. She has seen the negative effects of protracted litigation on families and children, which led her to develop an interest in methods of alternative dispute resolution, particularly mediation. Believing that family mediation is much needed within our legal framework, she has opened her own practice, Rudi Kruger Mediation, with mediation as her sole focus.

Rudi believes that far too often, people become caught up in drawn out litigation when mediation could have been attempted first, saving both parties time and money. She strives to find working solutions for both parties and to help families keep their relationships intact.


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