womenSo Women’s Day is around the corner, so what is it all about? Here are some quick facts and some interesting links:

  • Women’s Day in South Africa is celebrated on 9 August each year and it is a public holiday
  • The month of August has become known as Women’s Month
  • International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8 March each year and it’s aims are almost identical to Women’s Day in South Africa
  • Women’s Day is a day for investing in women and girls
  • Women from the past and present are recognised for their efforts in working towards gender equality socially, politically and in the workplace
  • At this time we look back on past struggles and accomplishments
  • We look ahead to the untapped potential and opportunities that await future generations of women
  • It’s a time for the acknowledgement of the importance of women in society as a whole
  • While constitutionally South African women have much going for them in their favour, on the ground the theory is better than the practice
  • Many patriarchal mindsets need changing for women to have a totally equal footing in our country
  • Even women themselves need to change their mindsets to become go-getters rather than accepting handouts and compromises
  • Women’s Day is about identifying possibilities and acknowledging and unleashing potential
  • If the women in a society are empowered, it benefits the whole of society

It was Nelson Mandela who said:

“Freedom cannot be achieved unless women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression… Our endeavors must be about the liberation of the woman, the emancipation of the man and the liberty of the child.” Nelson Mandela

In the absence of recent fact summaries pertaining specifically to South African women, here are four interesting links:

  • Unicef’s 10 quick facts about women and girls, click here.
  • The state of women’s rights around the world at a glance. Click here.

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