Women's Day Quotes - Nelson Mandela Women are the glue that holds society together and this ‘sticky factor’ needs to be celebrated and acknowledged. Women’s Day gives us an opportunity to shed light on women’s issues, their role in society and the importance of women in society. We also get to celebrate it all.

Women hold many roles in society which makes them indispensable over and above whatever they may do in the workplace. This means they are juggling many balls in the air at any given time:

  • Mothers
  • Wives or partners
  • Sisters
  • Aunts
  • Godmothers
  • Midwives
  • Friends
  • Mentors
  • Peacekeepers
  • Homemakers

I could go on, but you get the gist. In their many roles women create, love, nurture, support, provide understanding, heal, make homes, provide emotional protection for those they love, teach, discipline, invest, empathise, sympathise, criticise (hopefully constructively!) and so much more.

Women have more flexible minds and can consider other ways of doing things more easily. Many feminine characteristics are now much sought after in the world of work – particularly in the field of leadership. Women’s strong instincts and intuition can be a real asset in a variety of circumstances.

Women are also well-known for their ability to multitask. They know how to deal with and adapt to change as they are always juggling many balls in the air in both their personal and professional lives.

But, as Marcus Buckingham advocates, in his book Find Your Strongest Life (Simon & Shuster, 2009), women must also learn how to not just juggle, but hold some of these balls close enough, tight enough, and for long enough to enjoy them – so that they are human beings and not just human doings. As a busy working mother, this made a lot of sense to me. Read his post on What the Happiest and Most Successful Women do Differently.

My work-life balance workshop is called Parenting on the Run for busy working parents who are juggling lots of balls. Come and learn the art of how to be really present, in the moment!

Show appreciation for women by booking a female motivational speaker  

An important aspect of celebrating Women’s Day is to remind very busy, multi-tasking women to take a moment to pause, take stock and keep perspective; or perhaps to even find a new lens through which to view the world.

As a woman speaker I can identify with issues such as:

  • Disconnection due to multitasking across multiple roles
  • Loss of perspective due to pressure and so many choices
  • Work-life balance issues facing parents in the workplace
  • The need to befriend time and make it work for us
  • The importance of being able to reframe issues positively
  • The challenge of how to be fully focused and emotionally present both at home and at work
  • How guilt can stop us from succeeding
  • The need to become distinct, to stand out from the crowd
  • Understanding and being able to craft a strong personal brand
  • Discovering the power of choice

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To discuss your requirements about booking a motivational speaker for womens day in South Africa, email me at Nikki@nikkibush.com