Nikki Bush in conversation with Craig Wilkinson, The Dad Coach, about the importance of fathers in society and in their children’s development, as well as the need for positive masculinity in society today. Craig is the best-selling author of the book Dad – How to be the father your children need, and is an award-winning social entrepreneur and a sought-after inspirational speaker. Craig is the founder of a number of NPOs including Father a Nation and runs programmes including Bands of Brothers and the Barber Shop which is part of the HeforShe movement.

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The conversation covers:

  • How we need to heal men to heal the world
  • Feminising men is not the answer
  • What men really want from women
  • The use and abuse of masculine power
  • Giving men permission to share themselves emotionally
  • Men’s yearnings and longings
  • How masculinity comes in many different forms
  • The absent father phenomenon
  • How men can support children without fathers
  • The difference in the role of a dad for a boy or a girl

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