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Nikki builds bridges of understanding between parents, teachers and learners helping them to connect better against the backdrop of a fast-changing world.
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Nikki helps businesses with challenges concerning young talent, while also helping parents in the workplace with work-life balance issues that impact on their productivity and performance.
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Nikki helps parents build great relationships with their children while future proofing them to thrive in a fast changing world.
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Published Books

A South African bestseller now in its 13th reprint.
Written by Nikki Bush and Dr Graeme Codrington
Published by Penguin, 2008


A South African bestseller now in its 10th reprint.
Written by: Nikki Bush & Ilze van der Merwe
Published by: Metz Press, 2009

A South African bestseller now in its 3rd reprint.
Written by: Nikki Bush & Ilze van der Merwe
Published by: Metz Press, 2009


Nikki’s newest publication
Written by: Nikki Bush & Arthur Goldstuck
Published by: Bookstorm, 2014


  • I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop at St Peter’s last week. I have two boys aged 8 and 6 and a new addition of a little girl aged 12 weeks. My boys have loved playing games in the car on the way to and from school, it gives me some special time with them before their baby sister demands to be fed. Thanks very much.

    Lisa Osborne
  • You are truly extraordinary. Love your work. You are a visionary.

    Ange Ramsamy
  • “Working in partnership with Nikki added real value to our Positive Steps campaign for Lipton Ice Tea. Nikki brought real credibility to the parenting message that were were trying to get involved in and gave legitimacy to our brand’s involvement. Nikki also came with a following, so if targeting parents, she amplifies your audience. Overall she was a strong addition to our campaign. As for the talks themselves and the content, Nikki captivated our audience with her engaging and entertaining style, coupled with her depth of knowledge and confidence. The take-home value for parents was enormous.”

    Stewart Jones GM Lipton Ice Tea, Unilever.
  • Lovely meeting you yesterday at the Garden Road Montessori talk. I was so inspired and left feeling so light and enthusiastic about the little changes I plan to make with my son. I took a lot from the talk – but especially creating memories and special moments in our daily ordinariness. You made me realise how much potential each moment actually has! Thank you Nikki, for the good work you do.

    Natasha Vithal
  • Exposure Marketing has enjoyed having Nikki Bush on board as a parenting speaker at our events. Her creative content and engaging presentation style make her a real ‘value add’ at our expos. We have invited Nikki to present her talks at The Baby Expo MamaMagic and at our recent addition Future-Ed, The Education Show. Nikki’s talks are always very popular and relevant to our visitors.

    Projeni Pather Managing Director: Exposure Marketing
  • I was fresh out of ideas for what to do with my four year old when I have quality time with her. Thanks Nikki for sharing your fun and creative approach with us today. I couldn’t wait to get home and play with my child. I had no idea I could be so instrumental in getting her ready for school and that it doesn’t need to be stressful.

    Nathalie Potgieter
  • Nikki, thanks for showing us how to mix up games to create more games and that it’s okay to break the rules and make new ones. I am so inspired to spend time with my two pre-schoolers. You have made me want to play with my kids again and I am going to home to haul out all the unused games and bring them back to life with all your ‘out of the box’ ideas.

    Jennifer Webb
  • Thank you for inspiring me to continue playing with my children now that they are in senior primary and high school. They will just love the potato and gambling games. You’ve given me new ideas for Friday games nights.

    Susan Watts
  • I never knew I was so competitive! Thanks for a really fun evening playing games in your home. Isn’t it odd how we forget just how much family fun there is in a simple deck of cards. Thanks for reminding me that fun doesn’t need to cost much other than a bit of my time.

    Brenda Swart
  • Thanks for your Big Kid Fun workshop – my wife dragged me with her to attend and I haven’t had so much fun in a long time. It was great to laugh and ‘reconnect through play’ as you say. Play is definitely an under-utilised parenting too. We played some of your games with our children on the weekend and they were spot on. They want to know when we can play them again. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Rob Evans
  • Potatoes, cards, dried butter beans, gambling. Who knew you could still have so much fun with your kids as they get older! We haven’t laughed so much in a long time.

    Rob Evans
  • Love the idea of a activity stations where the children can make things to fill their own goodie bags to take home. Kills two birds with one stone.

    Kim Meyers
  • Thank you for such a fun morning and for all the wonderful ideas for creating homemade parties. The Newspaper Party was my favourite and will definitely be a real hit with my 11 year old.

    Jackie Vermaak
  • The themes, the games, the food ideas – they were all fantastic and so helpful. And I got my gift shopping done too. Thank you.

    Christie Rorden
  • Nikki Bush's Parenting on the Run workshop made me excited about parenting, it opened my eyes to a simpler, easier way of connecting with my children - both in the classroom and at home. I remembered and experienced what it feels like to be present, and the importance of giving my children the best present which is my presence. I can't wait to start a new family ritual and play all the games with my little ones. Thank you Nikki!

    Delicia Moraleda Principal Garden Road Montessori Preschool
  • It was a privilege to have Nikki Bush present the above-mentioned talk to our teachers in the Pre Preparatory. We found her presentation to be informative, well researched and relevant to how we are all caught up in the demands of society. Red Zone, we are all faced with this phenomenon, but she shared some invaluable tools on how to deal with this effectively

    Glynis Courtney HeronBridge Pre Preparatory JHB
  • I found the Red Zone talk by Nikki Bush to be very enlightening. It highlighted for me the fact that we live in a society that places so many demands on us, and the fact that this will not change. We need to learn ways to deal with this. Nikki’s talk equipped me with the tools to take that “Time Out”, so as to ensure we don’t get caught up in this Red Zone.

    Kirsty James HeronBridge Pre Preparatory JHB
  • The feedback from our members has been so positive. Delegates were highly complementary about your energy and enthusiasm and most importantly the practical solutions you provided for effectively managing the range of debilitating symptoms which manifest when children and their parents find themselves Living in the Red Zone. The overwhelming feedback has pointed to your practical, easy to implement advice on “tuning out” from a fast paced world and how you connected closely with each one of your audience. All this in a practical, no-nonsense, yet “loving mom” way.  

    Nicky Rodseth SA Montessori Association EXCO member
  • "There is always so much sense in what you suggest as parenting strategies. I enjoyed what you had to say when you addressed us at Twin Rivers Primary School Zimbabwe and ever since then I have read every article you have posted. Please continue spreading your influence – the impact is priceless!"

    Becky Pondwa Bryden Country School, Zimbabwe
  • Nikki’s talks are of the moment. She is adept at creating ideas around things that are changing.

    Mel Dace Headmistress, St Stithian’s Junior Prep
  • My son was in your digital safety talk this morning and he is a very intuitive and in touch child who makes quick an accurate assessments of people. He came home and told me all about the talk and the thing he remembered most was what you had to say about reputation. He also said that you are a very good person inside and out and that I was not to miss your talk to the parents this evening, and he was right. What a valuable and informative presentation. Thank you!

    Ingrid Dukes mum of a grade 6 boy at Somerset College, Western Cape
  • Thank you for delivering such a fun-filled evening on Friday. You left us all in stitches and we are still talking about all the fun we had. I will highly recommend you to a lot people as well as other YPO chapters as a resource.

    Themba Chalumbira
  • Nikki had 150 people on the edge of their seats, participating in tasks and games eliciting responses and feedback to demonstrate the importance of team cohesion and ensuring the breaking down of silo’s and individual commitment.

    Finance Executive, Nedbank
  • "We had a great Get Outta Your Head workshop with Nikki Bush. We had a host of ladies who joined at the Women in IT networking event and they had a blast. It was a great session, definitely a go to event. If you want to see your staff making noise, connecting and having fun, Get Outta Your Head is definitely for you and your team."

    Nonceba Rasmeni Women in IT
  • Your “Parenting on the run” workshop was extremely well received by the attending women, many of whom provided positive feedback and felt that they had gained useful insight into how they might spend guilt free quality time with their kids. I believe they benefited from knowing that they are not alone. Thank you for your entertaining and enriching contribution to our women’s group.

    Lulu de Beer MBD Credit Solutions, Managing Executive: Business Solutions Unit
  • I attended your parenting on the run workshop when my daughter Holly was about 18 months old and it was hugely beneficial. I attended the same workshop last weekend for the Crossroads School Fundraising breakfast, and it was really fantastic to have a reminder of the importance of play. I had slipped a bit into relying on the TV to entertain my daughter in the afternoons after work, however since attending your workshop on Monday I have been instituting periods of play time together. A few things that I have noticed in the few days since your workshop.

    Maya Stephens
  • "Thank you for agreeing to make the special effort to come and give your talks, Future Proof Your Child and Parenting on the Run, to our parents and teachers on a public holiday! Parents and teachers alike not only so enjoyed the talks but all came away empowered and encouraged! No small feat in our present day world. Sharing your own parenting experiences and your down to earth, practical advice delivered in a real and humorous way, meant that we could all indentify, and where necessary, laugh and cry with you. In the midst of doom and gloom for the future of our techno age children, people came away not only with a ray of hope glimmering in their hearts but re-energised to reconnect with their children in meaningful and fun ways even in waiting rooms and on car journeys.

    Jane Forbes HOD Junior Primary, Clifton School, Nottingham Road, KZN
  • You were absolutely spot on with your Evolution of Learning presentation at our Western Cape SAPA Conference. It was so relevant to where our educators are at and was put together in such an accessible way. Thank you.

    Alta van Heerden Immediate Past President of SAPA
  • Hi Nikki. I am a student at Parkview Senior School and I just wanna say I …REALLY LOVED YOUR PRESENTATION TODAY!!! THANKS ALOT! And one thing to remember: one body, one mind and one reputation!

    Jane Ndlovu Student at Parkview Senior School
  • Dear Nikki Just to let you know (again :)) how much I enjoy reading your newsletters. They are always informative and thought-provoking! I wish I had your job, I would love to speak publicly to people (especially to kids) like you do, about topics such as this and encourage them to personal growth. Yes, in my next life I definitely want to be you!!

    Carole Eedes
  • “When you came over to Rustenburg we played games with cards and had so much fun. Thank you for opening my eyes to being light hearted and making an opportunity to laugh and play.”

    Thembeni Hlaleli
  • My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the Parenting on the Run workshop you gave at our daughter’s school, Our Lady of Fatima, in Durban last week. Your energy and empathy (sharing your own life experiences) so resonated with us.

    Rayven Moodley
  • I am in awe!!! Your talk last night: Parenting on the Run at Henley Business School was not only fun and encouraging,  informative and empowering - I was blessed and motivated.  May God bless you for the work you do as you strive to equip the warriors on how to handle; prepare and launch their arrows - "Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord...Like arrows in the hand of a warrior" You are an inspiration!!!

    Thandeka Langa (23 February 2017)
  • I attended your Parenting on the Run course – probably about 10 years ago.  I just want to let you know that I so enjoy your newsletters, articles and parenting advice. As a mom of 4, there is always something I learn and something I can identify within our family. Thank you for the sanity and ‘calm’ you add to our exciting parenting journey.

    Donvae Hooker Dandylion Green Business Solutions
  • As our children become increasingly technically proficient and preoccupied, it is vital for adults, parents and teachers to be aware of the world they frequent! Tech-savvy Parenting is a comprehensive, practical and insightful guide to understanding the possibilities and perils of this world, how to make it safe for our children, and how to embrace the opportunities it presents.

    Keith Wilke College Head, HeronBridge College
  • Working in partnership with Nikki added real value to our Positive Steps campaign for Lipton Ice Tea. Nikki brought real credibility to the parenting message that we were trying to get involved in and gave legitimacy to our brand’s involvement. Nikki also came with a following, so if targeting parents, she amplifies your audience. Overall she was a strong addition to our campaign. Nikki captivated our audience with her engaging and entertaining style, coupled with her depth of knowledge and confidence. The take-home value for parents was enormous.

    Stewart Jones GM Lipton Ice Tea, Unilever.
  • It was a delight to have Nikki Bush present at our Annual Spring Parent Seminar!  Her presentation focused on how to future proof your child and be a tech-savvy parent.  Our participants found her to be both engaging and encouraging.  Her use of both visuals and games were a big success.  The feedback we have received has been positive because the information was relevant and inspiring.  It was a pleasure working with Nikki, and I would recommend her talent and work to others.

    Caroline Brown Wayne County Public Schools Title I Parent Facilitator / Compliance Specialist North Carolina, USA
  • I’ve always believed that parenting is an ever evolving process and not an event. Thanks for always walking the journey with us, Nikki.

    Thabo Dhlamini
  • It’s so nice to have some new ideas to take home and do with the children.

    Annie Whitfield
  • Thank you for spreading this very important message. We were honoured to have you.

    Midstream College Midrand
  • Wow, this is the second time I have listened to this talk and I’m just blown away each time! I think so much of what you said just really has hit home. One of the biggest messages that came across is that as parents it is our duty, our responsibility to actually spend time with our beautiful, precious children who have been given to us. Nikki thank you so much for reminding us of that, it was so valuable. You’re an amazing woman, thank you so much!

    Irene Ilsley HOD, Kingsmead,
  • I now realise why you are a sought-after speaker – you are quality, polished and authentic. Thanks for a wow experience. Of course, having a 6-year-old, your talk really resonated with me.

    Jacques de Villiers The Business Generator (10 August 2012)
  • Nikki Bush was our keynote speaker at our Clamber Club conference in March 2012. All I can say is WOW! What a speaker. Professional, relevant, entertaining and thought provoking.The most valuable aspect of her presentation to Clamber Club was that she had researched our company’s needs and the workshop was geared completely with our conference theme and direction in mind. So often one has speakers that present a topic with no reference to the company they are presenting to. Nikki really got to the core issues and her intrinsic knowledge and expertise was awe inspiring. Thank you Nikki, I would highly recommend you!

    Liz Senior Clamber Club Head Office (March 2012)
  • I was reminded about our car games this morning when I read your Nelson Mandela quote encouraging hysterical laughter. Well, we had plenty of that today en route to school when we played the customs official game .The 6 year old was creating a wackier and wackier list of what was allowed in and what wasn’t. My older daughter & I eventually admitted defeat and asked what was her criteria. She then told us she had forgotten, at which stage we all erupted into hysterical laughter. I haven’t had so much fun in 1 day in a long time. You should rename your talks Laughter Therapy! Take care and thanks for being such as inspiration.

    Ireti Samuel-Ogbu Director, GTS Head, South Africa Citigroup, Parenting on the Run, Kingsmead SchooL, 7 November 2007
  • Finally a course with practical ideas I could use! I really enjoyed listening to your talk on how to make the most of the time we have with our precious children. It reminded me of the games I use to play as a little child with no T.V. play stations, DVD, computers etc. I also liked the fact the you understand that we, as parents, lead busy lives so your suggestions of using bath/cooking/car times are most effective. My kids argue less and laugh more! All parents would benefit from listening to your practical. fun, effective and educational ideas. Ideas easy enough to implement whilst “on the run!”

    Helen Jennings
  • here is always so much sense in what you suggest as parenting strategies. I enjoyed what you had to say when you addressed us at Twin Rivers Primary School Zimbabwe and ever since then I have read every article you have posted. Please continue spreading your influence – the impact is priceless!

    Becky Pondwa Bryden Country School, Zimbabwe
  • Outstanding Talk Nikki!!! It really got me thinking. Thank you. I feel different facing my children this morning, more motivated, focused, happy. I’m a divorced mom and the last 4 years I have been quite preoccupied with my stuff. I have been there for my children but I now know what to focus on. Thanks again.

    Tania Patrikios Saheti School, Connecting with Children through the Noise & Clutter.
  • Tuesday’s presentation on “Noise and Clutter” was excellent and made a positive impact on our parents. Their response to your talk was that it made them very aware of their own environment and the various consequences. They were quick to make the necessary adjustments to their daily routine e.g. driving to school with the radio (news) on.Thank you for presenting your talk to our Pre-Primary Parents.

    Martha Cavalieros Principle, Saheti Pre-primary
  • I just wanted to let you know how valuable your “Parenting on the Run” workshop was to me. We recently had a trip to the Kruger Park, which under normal circumstances can be very painful and feel very long when you have kids whining and whinging all the time. I made a point of taking your list of games etc. with me to ensure that they never even had chance to whine. What an absolute winner. They never complained once, we played plenty of the games and the trip went by so quickly. It was actually a very pleasant trip with them and we all enjoyed taking part in the fun. Thank you ever so much. I have my notes tucked away in a safe place for the next trip, so that we can all enjoy our journey again.

    Kirsty James
  • Thank you for your fabulous presentation on Friday afternoon. I believe that your Brand Teacher? workshop has already had a positive effect on the staff who attended. I have even heard two people mention the phrase ‘go to’ this morning! [Being a ‘go to person’ is part of personal branding – what are you the ‘go to person’ for?]. Nikki’s top qualities: personable, high integrity, creative.”

    Dee Davis Marketing Manager, St Peters College,Johannesburg (May 2012)
  • Many thanks for the fantastic Parenting on the Run workshop. Your practical suggestions have worked brilliantly for us. I have two very busy little boys (4 and 2) who are easily bored and distracted, but they are putty in my hands with my newfound “box of tricks”!  I didn’t realise how it easy it could be and how much fun we could have during the “in-between” times.Thanks for a really worthwhile experience.

    Kathleen Bartels Moms & Tots Franchisee meeting, Connect the Tots (construction toy workshop)
  • Thanks so much for presenting such a fantastic, well prepared talk to the Moms & Tots Workshop leaders. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn’t wait to get back to our workshops to share your valuable information with all our mothers. You gave us a taste of what fun it can be to be a child who is given the right, creative construction toys to play with and we didn’t want to be adults again! You helped us realize what a vital role we can play – educating the mothers, and hopefully there will be less T.V watchers and more focused, satisfied children who feel proud of themselves and what they have created. Many thanks Nikki, and keep up the good work.

    Petra Lester Founder Moms & Tots, Parenting on the Run Workshop, HeronBridge College, July 2006
  • I can’t believe that I don’t have to feel guilty about being busy anymore!

    Audrey Stanley
  • Dear Nikki, Once again, we thank you so much for presenting at our Conference. Among the 355 responses to our survey questionnaire, there were many that gave you high praise and considered you to be one of the highlights of Conference. We congratulate you.

    Bridgette Walton ISASA Proudly Primary Teachers’ Conference, 17 September 2007
  • Parenting on the run is more simple than I realized. Anyone can do this.

    Craig Aitken
  • Nikki, thank you so much for an awesome workshop – you made a wonderful impression on the teachers. I really appreciated your ability to train such a diverse group of people so effectively. Apart from the ‘feel-good’ feeling on the day, since visiting many of the preschools, we noted that they are implementing skills that they learnt at the workshop – that’s a real big thumbs-up. Your passion and the fact that you are self-taught has challenged them to get out of their comfort zones and make a difference!

    Robyn Wienand Founder Play with a Purpose foundation, March 2014

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