Managing the fear of ‘not knowing’ in the mists of Covid-19

By |2021-09-20T12:35:05+02:00March 22nd, 2020|Anxiety, Blog, Covid-19, Education & school, Entrepreneurship, Family, Future-proof your child, Life skills, Nikki Bush, stress|

Is everything feeling surreal to you? I have this feeling of uneasiness and I sense a palpable fear, mine and everyone else's. It has been a week of non-stop media interviews, helping individuals and families adapt to working from home, [...]

Winter and Family Board Games Go Together!

By |2021-09-20T12:35:34+02:00August 7th, 2019|0 – 2 years, 10 years +, 10+ Years, 2 – 4 years, 4 – 6 years, 6 - 10 years, Blog, Board games, Brain/logic games, children play, Early learning, Educational games, Family, Learn & play, Life skills, Toy & game reviews, Toy Talk, Types of Toys|

Board Games Are Perfect For Quality Family Time! Board games are a great family togetherness activity. Children learn to follow rules of the game, develop strategic thinking and forward planning, work together co-operatively, take turns, learn how to compete - [...]

10 STEM Toys and Games To Get Your Child’s Curiosity Pumping!

By |2021-09-20T12:35:34+02:00July 2nd, 2019|10+ Years, 4 – 6 years, 6 - 10 years, Blog, Construction, Education & school, Educational games, Family, Learn & play, Life skills, Number games, Tech toys, Toy Talk|

Do you know what STEM Toys and Games are? STEM toys and games stimulate a child’s curiosity, thinking and learning about science, technology, engineering and maths. Encourage playful discovery through experimentation. Up their tech skills with robotics, gaming and drones. [...]

Top 10 Brain Booster Games

By |2021-09-20T12:37:28+02:00January 19th, 2019|10 years - Adult Games, 10 years +, After school, Analysis & synthesis, Auditory perception, Back-to-school, Bilateral integration, Blog, Brain/logic games, Card games, Classifying and matching, Educational games, Eye-hand co-ordination, Family, Fine motor control, Gross motor control, Laterality & directionality, Learn & play, Memory, Number Games, Ordering & seriation, Perceptual skills, Problem solving, Puzzles, Sensopathic play, Sequencing, Spatial planning, Toy & game reviews, Toy Talk, Types of Toys, Visual perception|

The long summer holidays are over and now it's time to get your children back into routine and in the right head space for school. Why not give them a little reminder in a fun way to sharpen up their [...]

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